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Acrobot’s Mother

Okay, the official title is “Arrangement In Grey and Black: The Acrobot’s Mother” but that’s just such a mouthful, so I’ll stick with the colloquial name.  And yes: she lost her shawl.

Backward Day

Today is Backward Day…or Drawkcab Yad, I guess.  So start your meal with dessert, wear your shirt back-to-front (not always obvious), or use the other hand for writing.  Or have waffles for dinner and a pint at the pub for breakfast — okay, maybe not that.  Driving in reverse the whole day is also strongly […]

Skate Park

I’ve always been impressed with folks who could ride these things without causing great bodily harm.  In case you can’t guess by the previous statement, I’d be the one on the right.

Puzzle Day

January 29th is National Puzzle Day.  I imagine this includes anything such as jigsaw, Sudoku, crosswords, tavern puzzles, fiendish Japanese finger puzzles — whatever.  (And I wonder how many can identify the puzzle type above.)  It’s also National Cornchip Day…but I ate them.

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