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Bicycle Day

Sixty-eight years ago, on 19 April 1943, Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann performed a bit of self-experimentation, ingesting 0.25 miligrams of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).  A short time later, experiencing sudden and intense changes in perception, he asked a labratory assistant to accompany him home, making the journey by bicycle.  So he had the first documented […]


Under the heading of Weblog Cross-over, a charming and beautiful woman I’ve known just about longer than anyone else on the planet, outside of family, runs a weblog called Koru 365 — look over there on the right.  (Under “Stuff”.  It’s right there — yes, that one.)  Four months ago I thought a Koru was […]

Scrabble Day

13 April is Scrabble Day, commemorating the anniversary of the birth of Alfred Mosher Butts (yes, really), Scrabble’s inventor’s.  An unemployed architect, he invented the game in the early 1930s.  He originally called the game Lexiko, then Criss Cross Words; after selling the rights to James Brunot, the name became Scrabble.  Although I’ve got a […]

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