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Paul Bunyan Day

June 28th is Paul Bunyan Day.  For some reason.  The giant lumberjack’s footprints are said to have created Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes, and dragging his axe created the Grand Canyon.  Mr. Bunyan was also our first competitive eater, eating 50 pancakes in a minute (so blame him for those weird competitions).  The stories probably started as […]

The Lottery

On June 27th in small villages across the country, a lottery takes place — at least according to Shirley Jackson’s short story, “The Lottery”.  I imagine everyone reading this probably had to read it at some point in their schooling, but go find a copy of this excellent short story if you don’t remember it.  […]

International Handstand Day

This is the birth of a holiday: 26 June 2011 is the first ever International Handstand Day, created by Alvin Tam.  So do a handstand.  Or try.  Or watch people try and cheer them on.  It’s also Beautician’s Day and Forgiveness Day, the two of which may be related, so forgive your beautician for…well, you […]

Take Your Dog To Work Day

24 June, this year, is Take Your Dog To Work Day®, a holiday created by Pet Sitters International in 1999.  (So it sounds like it’d be a day off for pet sitters — convenient.)  TYDTWDay® is a registered trademark of Pet Sitters International, which I think means they have way too many lawyers on staff.  […]

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