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National Toasted Marshmallow Day

National Toasted Marshmallow Day was actually yesterday, 30 August, but that job-thing got in the way and kept me from shooting this to commemorate the event.  (I can also now say that if you ever consider roasting marshmallows over a Zippo lighter…don’t.) 

Reply Hazy, Try Again

Inspired by his clairvoyant mother’s “spirit writing” device, the inventor’s original versions of the Magic 8 Ball were flops.  Maybe because they were transparent.  Would be interesting to see one of those.  Brunswick came up with the 8-ball idea, and those took off and have been around since 1950. “It is decidedly so.”


There was an earthquake today in Virginia, rated as 5.8 by the USGS.  Some reports say 5.9 and some say 6.0 — I think they’re rounding.  While not really large when compared to some of the quakes of late, it’s fairly significant for the east coast of the United States where it was felt as […]

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