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Crush A Can Day

September 27th is Crush A Can Day.  Really.  I have no idea why.  Maybe it has something to do with recycling.  Perhaps it was created to show strength, but as Jim Rockford noted, “They went to aluminum cans in 1970 and now everyone can look like a he-man.”

Elephant Appreciation Day

September 22nd is Elephant Appreciation Day, a holiday created in 1996 by Wayne Hepburn after he became fascinated with these large proboscidea (pachyderm is an obsolete term).  And because I have the maturity of the average twelve-year-old (on a good day), this picture is what I came up with to observe this holiday.  They are […]

International Day Of Peace

September 21st is the International Day Of Peace, established by UN Resolution 36/67 in 1981 as “a day of non-violence and ceasefire.”  Nice idea…sure wish it would catch on.  Imagine.

National Punch Day

September 20th is National Punch Day.  Of course, this could refer to a beverage, violence, or a tool.  I went with violence since the three most important things in life are sex, violence, and labor relations (see Harlan Ellison’s excellent essay on this).

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