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You’re “It”

Every October 8th is “Touch Tag Day” — no one is quite certain why.  To celebrate this day, do something Ellen DeGeneres suggested in one of her stand-up routines: go out, tap someone, say, “You’re It!” and then run away.  See if you can start the largest game of Tag in the world.

World Smile Day

October 7th is World Smile Day, or World Smiley Day, a holiday created by Harvey Ball of Worcester, MA — he created the original “smiley” in 1963 for an insurance company.  The intent of World Smile Day is to make at least one person smile or do one act of kindness.  And it never hurts […]

Mad Hatter Day

October 6th is Mad Hatter Day, a holiday created in 1986 by a bunch of geeks in Boulder, Colorado.  And there’s actually a logic to it.  The Mad Hatter in Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland wears a top hat with a piece of paper in it reading “10/6,” so October 6th is the day.  The actual […]


Forty-nine years ago, on 5 October 1962, Dr. No was released, the first of twenty-two James Bond films made to date.  Okay, there are twenty-five if you consider the “unauthorized” ones.  And a shiny penny if you can name the three without research.  I bet you can mimic the opening guitar riff, too.

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