This started out on Facebook, adding these silly pictures to my profile; that’s me over there on the right.Me  People on Facebook kept looking at them and commenting on them and saying I should setup a website (rather than let Facebook get all the ad revenue).

So I setup this site.  Because I could.

I also noticed that a lot of people post pictures of Acrobots on other sites, and some of those are starting to trickle in here.

I wish I could say that all of the photos will make sense, but they won’t.  I think some of the non-sensical ones I’ve seen are more amusing actually.  If you’ve got some shots, which make sense or don’t, please feel free to send them to me and they may appear on the site.  I’ll also take suggestions if there’s something you’d like to see me do.

I am in no way associated with Hog Wild Toys, LLC, but I do think they make some neat stuff.  And if they want to send me things for free, that’d be okay.

I really don’t care whether I lose money on this or not, but I’d really rather not lose a ton of money.  So if you’d like to see me continue with this silliness, recommend this site to friends, click on one of the ads over there if they interest you, share an image on Facebook to spread the word — something.  Just donate a couple of pennies via PayPal.  Or just enjoy the silliness and come back to see more.

I’m all for silliness.  We’re all way too serious as it is.

– David Reed

P.S.- If you’re really geeky, you might be interested to know that I shoot most of these with either my phone(a Motorola Droid) or a Pentax K20D with either a 50MM f/1.4 lens or an 18-55mm.

P.P.S.- People have also asked what materials I use. Mostly stuff around the house. Other things I find at the dollar store. I also use paper clips, 22-gauge floral wire, marbles, and crap I find in the clearance bin at craft stores.