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Spongy, Yellow, Delicious Bastards

Today the Hostess corporation announced it would be shutting its doors and selling off its assets after 82 years in business.  Twinkies have been around since the beginning in 1930, have been used in a murder defense in 1979, and been mentioned in movies, sometimes quite prominently. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t have an […]

Hanging Around

“You said to get something to hang the prisoner with.” Hanging has been around as a method of execution for a long time; the term “hanging” has been used for at least 700 years.  There’s the Suspension Method, the Short Drop, the Standard Drop, and the Long Drop.  The first two methods result in the person […]

Newton’s Cradle

Newton’s Cradle demonstrates the conservation of momentum and energy.  Despite what you may think, it’s not actually not named after Sir Isaac Newton but is named for Fig Newtons, which were named after Newton, Massachusetts.  Just kidding: it’s named after Sir Isaac Newton.

Happy Easter, Peeps

This is the day to decapitate Peeps and chocolate bunnies.  Some Peep trivia….  An annual “Peep Off” competition is held in Maryland on the first Saturday after Easter to see who can eat the most in 30 minutes.  Additionally, scientists at Emory University discovered that their eyes “wouldn’t dissolve in anything.”  Happy eating.

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